Travel and Leisure: A Travel Editor’s Guide to the Catskills

My family considers the Catskills to be a second home, and for us, spending time at our weekend house in Windham, NY, is synonymous with spending time outdoors. Just a few hours drive from New York City, the area is an ideal escape for urbanites like us. When we’re not skiing, gardening, or exploring the area, you can find us cooking at home using ingredients from local farmers and meat purveyors.

The drive upfrom the city has always been part of the adventure. In the spring and summer we stop in towns like Saugerties to explore antique shops, collecting vintage milk glass, old meat scales, and retro sunglasses along the way. In the fall, we take the scenic drive up the Taconic Parkway, relishing in the burnt red, copper, and golden hues of autumn foliage while stopping at farm stands to buy freshly picked Honey Crisp apples and various kinds of crazy looking squash.

From skiing to fishing, shopping to hiking, the Catskills provide the perfect ingredients for the ultimate weekend retreat. Here is my guide to the area.


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